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Sophia Lacayo for Miami Dade County Commissioner District 12

Proud to serve the Miami Dade residents. Focused on their quality of life, local jobs, equality for all, and freedom to our oppressed countries.

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During the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we witnessed our first responders' outstanding leadership and selfless compassion as they tackled the challenges of this most dreaded disease. In addition, they inspired and taught us that effective leadership toward a common purpose could also motivate civic pride between elected officials and those who elected them. 

The current economic and social challenges our community faces require the same type of leadership our first responders displayed during the pandemic. With a shared vision and a proactive plan, we can make all the communities that comprise District 12 work effectively and efficiently for a better tomorrow. All we need is the proper leadership and political will to make not only our District but all of Miami-Dade County a better place to live, work, and play.

As your next commissioner, I will make it my mission to restore trust between our elected officials and the residents we represent by making public interaction with the residents of our county a cornerstone of my agenda. Unfortunately, some people claim to be public servants but never come down from their ivory towers to participate with the community and, therefore, don't understand our residents' needs.

The lack of unity and purpose has resulted in a reactive, "crisis-driven" government instead of a purposeful government. I will use my leadership skills to achieve our common purpose: a vibrant, livable, inclusive, and prosperous District 12. I have a plan to accomplish this goal that requires the community's participation. I am committed to leading a government that is responsible and conscientious.


As the population of Miami-Dade County grows, public transportation is vital to improving our quality of life. We need a transportation system that effectively links our neighborhoods and alleviates the ever-frustrating traffic congestion that plagues our roads and highways. We must demand that the ½ cent sales tax passed in 2002 is finally used as originally intended as promised to us by the elected officials that promoted it. Our community cannot afford any more excuses. We need an efficient public transportation system that serves all our communities - NOW!

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The men and women of our community's police forces are honest, hardworking people who put their lives on the line for each of us daily. Now, more than ever, we must ensure that our police officers have all the tools they need for them to perform their sworn duties effectively and professionally.


In order to sustain economic growth, middle-class housing, and improve our overall quality of life, we must protect and improve our parks and open spaces. This requires working closely with elected officials from the various municipalities that comprise District 12. Working together, we can have fun and safe parks that our children and families can enjoy while creating programs that foster initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles for our residents. 

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Without the service of our brave men and women we would not be able to sleep at night much less walk out the door knowing that our own lives are at risk. Not only will I ensure that my work as your commissioner is always of benefit to our police, fire, and rescue workers, but that of being the bridge to create strong bonds between the community and these departments. Public safety should be one of the top priorities of anyone who wants to be honored with your vote.

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As a lifelong small business owner and entrepreneur, I know firsthand the needs and challenges that every small business owner faces to make their enterprises successful. I intend to work closely with my colleagues and the private sector to make the county government a true partner to small businesses for them to expand and create high-paying, quality jobs for all our residents.

In addition, I will advocate expanding the popular "Mom & Pop" Small Business Grant Program and increasing the amount of money issued to struggling small businesses.

Finally, I will invite the leaders of our business community to work closely with my office and other County officials to attract large and small businesses from around the country to relocate and make District 12 their new home.


Miami-Dade County is a beautiful place to work and raise a family. But, regrettably, the housing crisis is being felt throughout our community. It is forcing working families in Miami-Dade to face one of the hardest decisions they have ever had to make – whether to stay in the communities they love or move away because they can no longer afford to remain in their homes. This is economic injustice, and we must take action to reverse this alarming trend, from increasing affordable housing and workforce housing initiatives to increasing funding for the County's Affordable Housing Trust Fund - our families deserve relief now.

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